Fall on the Farm

Fall on the farm comes slowly but also suddenly: the cooler mornings slow down the sense of urgency felt deep in the summer, but as the day warms, the pressure to finish tasks intensifies. Crops are constantly being rotated: the farm has been swapping out trellised cucumbers for rows of kale, arugula, and red lettuce, … Read more

Lettuce Turnip The Beet 3/21/22

For the sports fans out there, this time of year brings about thoughts of March Madness and the Sweet Sixteen, but we agrarians know of a different kind of sweetness in the air – sugaring season! We partnered with an Oberlin-based non-profit, Shagbark Haven, to pilot a sap collection program on the George Jones Memorial … Read more

Lettuce Turnip The Beet 2/21/22

What a wild month it’s been! The ebb and flow of the temperatures lately have been a stark reminder that Ohio both can and will throw every season at you in one day if possible. Although that’s bad for young plants, it truly brought out the strength in a young farm hand on George Jones … Read more