Seed to Supper Challenge

Join us on a season long adventure from FARM to FORK… FIELD to TABLE… SEED to SUPPER…

You’ve made the move to add local veggies into your life, now challenge yourself to use them and interact with your fellow City Fresh shareholders all season long.

Challenges range from cooking a “City Fresh Classic” to engaging with us on social media. “City Fresh Classics” are go-to customizable meals that can be made with virtually any City Fresh veggies. Soup, chili, tacos, salads, sheet pan dinners and more are all examples of City Fresh Classics.

We will have seasonal winners in addition to a GRAND PRIZE winner raffled off at the end of the year. The more challenges you complete and the more times you submit with this form, the higher the chance you have in winning one of these prizes!

Log your entries below to participate in the challenge. There is no limit to the amount of entries; so, get cooking!