George Jones Memorial Farm

Who We Are

Located one mile east of Oberlin College campus, the George Jones Memorial Farm is an innovative educational site with abundant resources and activities for students and the greater community.

What We Do

With the average age of the American farmer approaching 60, we believe in the need and importance of our work. We use conventional organic and inventive methods for cultivation. Along with annual row crops, we have added perennial systems (perennial rows, food forest, medicine trails), high tunnel hoop houses, rotational systems, fruit and nut cultivation, and maple syrup production.

What We Offer

  • 70 Acres of forest and farmland
  • Offers workforce development programs in agriculture
  • Multiple volunteer and internship opportunities are available
  • Host site for Oberlin College ENVS classes
  • City Fresh Headquarters


We invite individuals, teams, or groups (community or student) to come out to the George Jones Farm to help us with a variety of tasks, year-round. The types of work can vary greatly, from harvesting crops, to natural building, to sustainable energy, to trail building and maintenance. Sports teams, church groups, and student clubs are all welcome to get their service in with us.

Contact us or use our Volunteer Form to get started.