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“It’s in our mission statement to throw a frightfully expensive and exhausting fundraiser every year,” said no non-profit director, ever.

“U know, I want to support this organization’s work, if only they offered me the chance to enjoy more small talk, caviar, and golden balloons this fall,” said no socially-conscious and generous donor, ever.

This fall, buy yourself a ticket to the most exclusive gala fundraiser in town. So exclusive, in fact, that NO ONE is attending.

Order your tickets now to reserve an empty table at our gala on November 31, 2019. And please invite your generous friends not to attend with you as you support our work to promote sustainable farming and deliver locally grown, nutrient dense food to the neighborhoods where it’s needed most.


What City Fresh stands for:

We promote sustainable farming and deliver food that is locally grown, nutritious, fresh, and delicious. 

City Fresh farmers serve as stewards of the land. We embrace organic farming techniques to ensure bountiful harvests for future generations and to deliver an abundance of natural and tasty produce to our shareholders every week of the growing season. We believe that everyone deserves a more healthy diet, regardless of income or circumstance, and we strive to make that idea a reality, one harvest at a time.

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Now taking orders for the 2019 season.

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