AnnaKiss Mauser-Martinez

A City Fresh Guide to SNAP/EBT

What is SNAP? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is a federal program that supplements grocery budgets for qualifying individuals and families. If you qualify for Ohio’s Food Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps, you’ll receive an Ohio Direction Card, which is like a special debit card for buying groceries. You can use … Read more

Begin Again

At City Fresh, our winters are pretty slow. Our staff’s activity naturally follows the growing season, with overfull to-do lists and calendars ramping up in spring as the intensity of our planning steadily increases. June and July, and practically through August, we run full steam, hardly pausing to breathe. By the time schools reopen for … Read more

Fresh from the Fields

  Behind the idyllic appearance of rolling fields, grazing cows, and laundry lines as tall as a house, lies an inspiring dedication to an intentional lifestyle.  You might be wondering where we get all of our gorgeous, robust fruits and veggies for shares. We’ve heard the rumor going around that it’s all grown in secret … Read more

Join today and SAVE!

The most flexible and affordable farm box program in Northeast Ohio is having a SALE! You won’t want to miss this! Starting today, we are joining farm programs across the country in celebrating National CSA Week. This is the most popular time of year to sign up for farm shares and guarantee fresh, healthy food … Read more

5 Veggie Fillings to Make your Tacos even Tastier

While tacos are a seemingly straightforward assemblage of tortillas and fillings, they have great potential to be brimming with a complex assortment of flavors. Sadly, wilted lettuce, flavorless salsa, and bland fillings of all types can cause tacos to fall short of fulfilling their achievable deliciousness. But our Seed to Supper Challenge submissions highlighted how … Read more

The City Fresh Veggie Frittata

Oh, breakfast! A beautiful meal that can take on a variety of flavor profiles. Whether it was sweet potato pancakes, savory veggie and potato hash, or scrambled eggs and greens, we loved seeing all the breakfast dishes our shareholders entered in the Seed to Supper Challenge. This beloved City Fresh Classic is one of our … Read more

The City Fresh Stir Fry Guide

When it’s the middle of your work week and the crisper draw is reduced to an odd assortment of vegetables with seemingly no correlation to a dish in your brain bank of recipes, it can feel nearly impossible to come up with a tasty, veggie-inclusive meal. No need to let this dinner dilemma derail your … Read more

Recipes Among the Stars

Are you looking to connect more with your astrology sun sign? Or are you bored of your current recipes on repeat? Either way, look below for the dish that best aligns with your astrological sign. Plus you can make each of these indulgent meals with your City Fresh share. You can’t go wrong with meals … Read more