Lettuce Turnip The Beet 2/21/22

What a wild month it’s been! The ebb and flow of the temperatures lately have been a stark reminder that Ohio both can and will throw every season at you in one day if possible. Although that’s bad for young plants, it truly brought out the strength in a young farm hand on George Jones Memorial Farm, Tim Husemoller. Tim helped to design, cut and assemble twelve new raised beds for use in our soon-to-be repaired hoop house. This particular area has been flooding out plantings for several years, but, with Tim’s dedication to brave the cold, we now have an opportunity to get multiple harvests from this space in the upcoming growing season using the raised beds pictured to keep our plants out of the muck. We plan to drop wood chips across the entirety of this space and plop those beds right on top, filling them with fresh compost that we’ve been working on throughout the fall and winter. For now, enjoy the warmer weather while it’s here, and, even though we are expecting another “polar plunge” this week, keep in mind – there is still beauty in an ice storm.

-Pete Morris, Farm Manager

The pond at George Jones Farm frozen over.