Karen distribution

Karen Distribution. We are a small company founded in 2014 that began cultivation of genetically modified tomatoes which makes them suitable for cultivation, in all weather conditions nire losing its excellent flavor and beautiful color.

Doloris distrib.

Doloris Distrib. Cattle farming is our passion and a dream come true. We deal with this for over 5 generations by passing himself all the family secrets in running the business. In 2014 our products have received honor the best food in San Bernandin.

Alberta Deals & CO.

Alberta Deals & CO. We have been operating on the market strawberries for over 100 years. We are a small family business , but our strawberries are known throughout the united states of america because they have amazing flavor and color. The work on the farm trying to maintain high hygiene at work , making … Read more

Canvas Distributor

Canvas Distributor. At the vegetable market operating since 1996. Initially we were a small company , but with time and when you spend a huge amount of time we have become an international company engaged in breeding oranges. We’re currently working with 1,000 small and large ent selling them your oranges that meet all the … Read more

Natural Foods

Natural Foods. Since 1986 , our family is engaged in rearing modified vegetables. Initially we were a small company but with time we extended to the entire state . Our growing characterized by an additional dose of vitamins in each plant . In 2000 we were awarded the “golden glove” by Jack Zume.