No-Show Gala Extravaganza 2017


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$5,000: Orchard Room
Provides healthy food for more than 35 families for an entire growing season

$2,500: Fancy Private Table
Covers fuel costs of delivering more than 100,000 lbs of produce to food deserts.

$1,000: Ringside Seats
Sit in the splash zone as we supplant 6,000 BigMacs with phytonutrient foods for the win.

$500: Backstage Passes
Revitalize an acre of soil with trace minerals and help us pass those on as more nutrient dense foods for a decade.

$100: Family Package
Help a deserving family access City Fresh for 4 months.

$50: Good Neighbor Discount
Help a neighbor explore eating locally and in season with 2 months of fresh veggies.