Donate to the Programs of the New Agrarian Center


Why Donate to the NAC?

The New Agrarian Center works year-round to build a future for independent farmers and make an impact on the health and well-being of our communities.

What if you could help solve health disparities, create jobs, bring people together in a meaningful and positive way, restore degraded landscapes, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, improve water quality in our rivers and lakes, and improve quality of life for every organism on the planet, including people, by changing one simple habit – how and from whom you buy your produce?

Our City Fresh program and our work at the George Jones Farm are changing peoples’ lives and laying a healthier foundation for generations to come. By supporting our work, you will help us expand our reach, deepen our impact, and build a more just and equitable future.

The New Agrarian Center is a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit Corporation. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. For an idea of the power your gift could provide:

Covers fuel costs of delivering more than 100,000 lbs of produce to food deserts.

Fully supports the costs of 125 low-income family shares through City Fresh, enough for a small community just opening their first Fresh Stop or approximately two weeks at one of our larger, more established Fresh Stops.


Revitalizes an acre of soil with trace minerals and helps us pass those on as more nutrient dense foods for a decade, gifting our shareholders the nutrition to reverse type-2 diabetes and other nutrition-related diseases (which include an estimated 8 of the top 12 leading causes of death in the United States).

Help a deserving family access City Fresh for 4 months.

Enough brochures to pepper an entire neighborhood, spreading the word about our programs and helping us grow our ever-widening family.