The George Jones Farm

Located about one mile from downtown Oberlin, the 70-acre Jones Farm is an innovative educational site with an abundance of resources and activities for students and the greater community.  Focused on workforce development, our aim is to prepare our students to enter the field of agriculture and to inspire young people to consider farming as a career. With the average age of the American farmer approaching 60, we believe fully in the need and importance of our work.

Named after beloved Oberlin College botanist George Jones, the Memorial Farm is a haven for native plants and a diverse range of wildlife. With a focus on restoration agriculture, our techniques are designed to build soil and create healthier, more nutritious crops. Our partnership with Oberlin College allows us to accept food waste from campus dining halls, while providing local food back to students. We utilize conventional organic and inventive methods for cultivation. Along with annual row crops, we have incorporated perennial systems (perennial rows, food forest, medicine trails), high tunnel hoop houses, rotational systems, fruit and nut cultivation, and maple syrup production. We house a wide range of livestock at any given time including cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, horses, ducks, fish, worms, and bees.