Discovery Camp 2016

Join Discovery Camp 2016!

July 27-31
August 1-5
August 8-12

9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday – Friday.

For children ages 6-14.


DISCOVER your potential…

The George Jones Memorial Farm and Nature Preserve is a dynamic space filled with many opportunities for fun and learning.

Our 70-acre space is a working organic farm with greenhouses, natural buildings, sustainable energy projects, livestock, and more.

The Nature Preserve is filled with wetlands, ponds, forests, & fields to explore and is populated with many different types of critters to observe.

Each week will be filled with skill-building activities that explore science, art, and nature such as hiking, games, scavenger hunts, music, crafts, swimming, farming, horseback riding and more.

Students will learn about sustainable living through Permaculture, nature education, organic agriculture, natural building, and green energy from certified permaculture teachers, professional educators and college student interns.

For more information call: Brad Charles Melzer, Farm Director & Educator



Week One: Discover Ecology!
Students will explore the varied ecosystems of the George Jones Farm such as ponds, wetlands, forests, and prairies. Students will learn about the science of ecological communities and the importance of conservation.

Week Two: Discover the Farm!
Students will learn many aspects of farm operations and living such as care for soil, plants, and livestock. Students will also learn the importance of local food systems and making sure that everyone gets fed good, healthy, nutritious food.

Week Three: Discover Permaculture!
Permaculture is an ethic and practical design system rooted in the ideals of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  Students will apply their learnings from the first two weeks, discovering how farmer-ecologists have greened deserts, reversed environmental destruction, and restored habitat all while growing food and living in abundance with nature. Finally, they will learn to be their own designers and take home skills that will last a lifetime!

Tuition: $150 per week or $400 for 3 weeks
Low Income Price: $100 per week or $250 for 3 weeks

We use 200% of federal poverty to determine low-income eligibility. Refer to the WIC guidelines for reference. We work on the honor system, there will be no need to provide paperwork.

Click Here for the Program Flyer

The farm is located at: 44333 Rt. 511 East Oberlin, Ohio 44074