Chichi Conti

Tips for a Scrumptious Weeknight Grain bowl

A great weeknight dinner is tasty, filling, and can be quickly pulled together with ingredients you already have on hand. Grain bowls easily meet these needs! This classic is one of our favorite no-recipe recipes because it can be created with an array of produce, grains, and whatever sauces or toppings you fancy. These handsome … Read more

5 Veggie Fillings to Make your Tacos even Tastier

While tacos are a seemingly straightforward assemblage of tortillas and fillings, they have great potential to be brimming with a complex assortment of flavors. Sadly, wilted lettuce, flavorless salsa, and bland fillings of all types can cause tacos to fall short of fulfilling their achievable deliciousness. But our Seed to Supper Challenge submissions highlighted how … Read more

The City Fresh Veggie Frittata

Oh, breakfast! A beautiful meal that can take on a variety of flavor profiles. Whether it was sweet potato pancakes, savory veggie and potato hash, or scrambled eggs and greens, we loved seeing all the breakfast dishes our shareholders entered in the Seed to Supper Challenge. This beloved City Fresh Classic is one of our … Read more

The City Fresh Stir Fry Guide

When it’s the middle of your work week and the crisper draw is reduced to an odd assortment of vegetables with seemingly no correlation to a dish in your brain bank of recipes, it can feel nearly impossible to come up with a tasty, veggie-inclusive meal. No need to let this dinner dilemma derail your … Read more

Recipes Among the Stars

Are you looking to connect more with your astrology sun sign? Or are you bored of your current recipes on repeat? Either way, look below for the dish that best aligns with your astrological sign. Plus you can make each of these indulgent meals with your City Fresh share. You can’t go wrong with meals … Read more