PolyCultures Film

PolyCultures: Food Where We Live is a documentary film and multi-media production project developed in collaboration with LESS Productions in Cleveland. The film gets its title from the word “polyculture” which describes farm systems that mimic natural systems with diverse and interdependent elements. Polyculture is the opposite of “monoculture”- a description of the one-dimensional industrial farming systems that dominate much of Northeast Ohio.

PolyCultures also describes the social movement that has formed around local food systems, including the integration of diverse communities, both rural and urban, across Northeast Ohio. PolyCultures looks at the many interdependent elements that make up a more diverse, just, healthy, and sustainable food system in Northeast Ohio. It also explores some of the significant challenges as we move to demand more locally grown foods.

PolyCultures has been developed in seven different chapters or plots. Click on the plot below to get more background information about the places and people from the movie as well as some links to connect you to the diverse local food communities and organizations around Northeast Ohio.

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